You’ll find the most sought-after answers to this year’s event here! Check back often for updates.


Q. What are the dates of the Operational Staff Meeting?
A. Monday, February 19, Tuesday, February 20, and Wednesday, February 21.

Q. Who do I contact?
A. Contact your Central Team or Central Ministry Leader with questions about the event, but read the rest of this FAQ for general event info.

Q. Is my spouse invited?
A. This one’s just for Life.Church staff, so if your spouse is on staff, absolutely. If not, just bring yourself. Get ready to roll up your sleeves, plan for the future, develop your skills, and have fun with your teammates and ministry peers across the organization.

Q. Do I need to register?
A. Registration for the event is not required.

Q. What’s the hashtag? 
A. Glad you asked: #OSMteamtime


Q. When should I plan to get to Oklahoma City, and when should I schedule my return home?
A. You’ll want to plan to arrive by Monday to attend the first breakout session at 1:00pm, and you can expect the event to wrap up Wednesday around Noon. Check with your Central Ministry Leader or Central Team Leader for specific arrival times.

Q. Who do I contact?
A. See the Travel Info page for details.

Q. Who will make travel arrangements?
A. If you are traveling from out of town, you are responsible making your own arrangements for flight and car travel. Each ministry/team has a designated point person to coordinate hotel needs. See the Travel Info page or contact your Central Ministry Leader or Central Team Leader for details.

Q. Where do I code travel expenses?
A. Code all travel expenses to your own ministry team’s budget that you would normally use for a team gathering or retreat like this. Your point of contact will have the details you need.


Q. Is childcare provided?
A. Additional childcare will not be provided during the event. Follow your regular childcare arrangements, including daytime StaffKids if you live in the OKC Metro area.


Q. What is the dress code for the event?
A. We’re keeping it Life.Church casual for each day of the event. Check with your team leader for suggested attire for your team’s activities. Most Game Night activities won’t require special attire but if you plan to bowl, you’ll want to wear socks. (Trust us on this one.)


Q. Who will have the details about “team time” sessions? 
A. This varies by team and ministry, so your team leader will provide itineraries and expectations for your team time during the three days of the event.

Q. What else is planned for this year’s meeting?
A. Be sure to check out the Schedule and coordinate with your ministry or team leader so you won’t miss anything planned for your team or ministry group! Following are a few highlights for each day.

Monday Daytime – 1:00-3:45pm – Monday, February 19
Breakout Sessions @ Central Offices / Life.Church Edmond

Q. What’s happening during this time?
A. Lots of practical learning and professional development. See the Breakout Sessions page for descriptions of the sessions offered.

Q. Do I need to register for Breakout Sessions?
A. Nope. You’ll just select two sessions to attend that day.

Q. What’s the attire?
A. Casual.

Monday Evening – 5:00-7:00pm – Monday, February 19
Dinner With Your Team @ Various Locations

Q. What’s happening during this time?
A. Varies by team and ministry. This is a time for team building among your teammates and ministry peers across the organization.

Q. What’s the attire?
A. Casual.

Q. What are we eating?
A. Check with your team leader for dinner plans.

Monday Evening – 7:30-10:00pm – Monday, February 19
Game Night @ Main Event

Q. What’s happening during this time?
A. Games, activities, and fun competition. Visit the Game Night page to learn more.

Q. Is registration required for Game Night? 
A. Registration is closed. Please contact Kyle Kutter or Jeremy McCarter.

Q. Can I attend Game Night but not play games or eat? 
A. Of course! You can come hang out and cheer on your teammates.

Q: What’s the attire?
A. Casual.

Tuesday Daytime – 8:00am-5:00pm – Tuesday, February 20
All-Day Team Time @ Various Locations

Q. What is team time?
A. A time to receive and impart operational direction for individual central and ministry teams through collaboration, discussion, and hands-on learning. Start and end times vary by team. Check with your team leader for details.

Q. Are meals included?
A. It’s likely your team time will include lunch. Check with your team leader for breakfast plans.

Q. What should I wear?
A. Casual. Check with your team leader for suggested attire for your team’s activities.

Tuesday Evening – 5:00-9:00pm – Tuesday, February 20
Evening Team Time @ Various Locations

Q. What’s evening team time? 
A. This is an open time for teams to relax, eat dinner, organize a team activity, meet up with other teams, etc. Start and end time will vary by team. Check with your team leader for details.

Q. Is dinner provided?
A. Possibly. Check with your team leader.

Q. What’s the attire?
A. Most likely casual, but confirm with your team leader based on activities.

Wednesday Daytime – 8:00-11:30am – Wednesday, February 21
Morning Mingle / All-Staff @ Life.Church Oklahoma City

Q. Will we have breakfast? 
A. Yes! It’s the most important meal of the day after all. Breakfast will be served at 8:00am. Check out the menu!

Q. What time does All-Staff start? 
A. Don’t miss a minute! Be in your seat by 9:00am sharp.

Q. Who can attend?
A. All-Staff is for staff only. This is one of the few times each year Craig will be able to address our staff without guests or volunteers present. Spouses are invited to join via the live stream at http://staffevent.life.church/ only. (Please do not share this link with anyone else.)

Q. What’s for lunch?
A. The event ends before lunch. Lunch will be on your own!

Q. What time is the event over on Wednesday?
A. We will wrap up around 11:30am.

Q. Do I need to do anything before I leave Wednesday?
A. We will help Oklahoma City put their building back in order for the weekend. Please check with your team leader to see if your team has been assigned to help with a specific task, or pitch in as needed.

Q. What’s the attire?
A. Casual.

After viewing the information here, if you have questions about the 2018 Operational Staff Meeting, please ask your team leader.

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