Breakout Sessions 2017

Sharpen your leadership.

Each Breakout Session will be offered twice on Monday, February 27 at 1:00pm and 2:30pm. That means you can pick two to attend! They’re all incredible options, so there’s no wrong choice—but choose wisely anyway.

Adaptive Leadership*

Did you know developing others first starts with you? Of course you did! You realize the best leaders are obsessed with empowering the right people. In this session, you will enhance your leadership capacity by learning your core leadership style and how it directly impacts your ability to successfully develop and send out leaders.

Prep Work: Email Paige Lane for instructions.

Speakers: Terry Storch & Kyle Kutter
Location: Edmond Auditorium

*Formerly known as Developing Leaders Through Empowerment.

Leading From Any Position

Are you waiting for a title or a location on an org chart to become the leader you want to be? Stop waiting. You already are a leader. Join us as we dive into key behaviors that will develop your ability to lead within any role. We’ll focus on six concrete takeaways you can put into practice the next time you show up for work.

Speakers: Dedra Smith, Jay Porter, Scott Lesser, Ross Harris, Nancy Tate, Amanda Kerns, Lori Bailey, and Josh Brower
Location: Edmond Konnect

Leading Through Change

All of us have or will have an opportunity to lead through change. Perhaps it’s a change in leadership, direction, systems, processes, or programming. No matter what kind of change we’re pushing for, nearly all of them will be met with some opposition. Learn a strategy for leading through change without losing your marbles.

Speakers: Allyson Evans & Todd Roy
Location: Central Studio B

Managing Conflict

Conflict management is one of the more difficult areas of leadership to navigate, especially in ministry. “Conflict” can seem like a dangerous word, but in reality, it’s a valuable tool for building trust in relationships, bringing excellence to our outcomes, and pushing us forward in development. Join us to learn how to effectively leverage conflict to make ourselves, our relationships, and our ministry stronger.

Prep Work:

  1. Please complete the Conflict Management Questionnaire.
  2. Save your results as a PDF (select File > Print… from your browser menu).
  3. Email the PDF to Elizabeth Williams and Matt Tecmire.
  4. Bring a copy of your results to the session on Monday, February 27.

Speakers: Terri Taylor, John Davis, and Matt Tecmire
Location: Edmond East Room

Swimming in the Ocean of Feedback

Has someone ever given you feedback that threw you for a loop? Or, have you ever tried to give someone feedback, but the conversation was more awkward than beneficial? Do you wonder if you are getting the most out of the feedback you get through conversations, assessments, and tools? Join us as we discuss how to seek out, process, and deliver feedback in a meaningful way.

Speakers: Beth Burns & Jeff Galley
Location: Edmond Loop

Tackling Stress

Stress is a physiological issue, an emotional issue, and a spiritual issue of the heart. In this session we’ll tackle the harmful forms of stress from your environment, your body, and your thoughts. Be forewarned: you will be doing some work during this session: a self-inventory and making an action plan for tackling stress in your life. Hopefully it won’t be too stressful. 🙂 

Speakers: Ginger Ward, Tome Dawson, Chris Beall
Location: Central Learning Centre