Breakout Session 1

Monday, February 19th
1:00 pm - 2:15 pm
Edmond and Central

Breakout Session 1

Sharpen your leadership at one of three Breakout Sessions.


Learn what the latest brain science is teaching us about leadership. Jeff, Ginger, and Terri will share what they learned while attending the NeuroLeadership Institute One Day Event.

Speakers: Terri Taylor, Jeff Galley, Ginger Ward
Location: Learning Centre, Central Offices 3rd Floor

Baptism, Uber Drivers, Avocados, and How to Not Get Fired at Life.Church

Veteran staff members share war stories and lessons learned from their time at Life.Church.

Speakers: Des Good, Allyson Evans, Terry Storch, GT Moody, Brian Bruss
Location: Studio B, Central Offices 2nd Floor

Reality-Based Rules of Life.Church

Introducing you to Cy Wakeman’s “Emotional Expensiveness Equation” but with a twist: how it does (or does not) apply at Life.Church.

Speakers: Amy Nikkel, JT Murrell, Tim Doremus
Location: Edmond Auditorium